Examples of prevention
  • Tetra Pak Belgium NV
    Tetra Rex - 100% bio-based

    The polyethylene used for the packaging layers and the lid has been replaced by a bio-based polyethylene.

  • SUEZ [SITA Belgium]

    Paper cups with PLA (Polylactide) coating that can now be recycled with paper/cardboard after use. 

  • Renbow Belgium bvba
    Tree-In-The-Bottle shampoo

    Shampoo bottle made of renewable materials (vegetable starch) containing a coffee bean that could then be planted. The lids are made of bamboo.

  • Werner Mertz Benelux Consumer NV
    Frosch window cleaner made of 99% recycled materials

    Very high level of use of packaging made of recycled materials (up to 99%). Cradle-to-Cradle certificate for Frosch window cleaners.

  • Colruyt - BIOPLANET
    Reusable container for bulk products

    Posters encourage clients to bring their own containers to buy products available in bulk at Bioplanet.

  • Colruyt
    Potatoe bag

    The plastic film has been partially replaced by recycled plastic (30% LDPE).

    'Deck Booster' playing cards packaging

    Recycled cardboard product packaging. The packaging can also be used to play a board game or to collect playing cards.

  • Colruyt
    Reusable foldable box eliminates waste

    Since 2003, Colruyt’s Collect & Go customers have received their goods packed in foldable plastic boxes. This method has enabled the retailer to eliminate 630 tonnes of cardboard annually. It is a smart and simple way to prevent packaging waste and improve ease of use at the same time.

  • Spadel
    From collection to recycled bottle

    The new packaging of the Spa Reine 6-pack of 1,5 litre bottles notes that the bottles contain 25% recycled PET. Spadel thus establishes itself as a pioneer in the use of recycled PET. This environmentally friendly choice is in line with the company’s mission. The use of recycled PET enables to reduce CO2 emissions by about 11% throughout the chain, including production of the material, distribution of the bottles, and end-of-life processing.

  • Galeria Inno
    Re-usable plastic baskets for the distribution of clothing: easier, safer, and cheaper

    Galeria Inno has been using standard re-usable foldable plastic baskets to transport its textile goods to the fifteen stores in Belgium since 2003. Since then the chain of department stores avoids up to 1,200 tons of cardboard waste per year. This solution also makes the distribution safer and cheaper.