Examples of prevention
  • Delhaize
    Organic potatoes

    The previous packaging has been replaced by a cardboard 'display' box. The consumer therefore benefits from 100% recycled packaging made of renewable materials (100% FSC certified) with a better storage life.

  • Delhaize
    Grilled sesame seeds in flexible packaging

    Flexible packaging which is lighter, water-resistant and robust, with a special stopper to ensure the correct dose, has been chosen for the entire seed range (8 products). By measuring out precise quantities and ensuring a longer storage life, this packaging leads to less food wastage.

  • Delhaize
    500g organic lemons in net

    The total packaging weight has been reduced by 26.89%. Based on the 2014 sales figures, this reduction represents 2,226 tonnes of less packaging per year.

  • L'Oréal
    Thermoformed tray, without lid with product densification.

    The thermoformed tray no longer needs a lid, which is the first means of weight reduction. The density is higher:  110 items as compared to 80. This brings a second weight reduction per item, or a total saving of 54%. The tray can be reused at least five times. 

  • Nomarcorc
    Nomacorc Select Bio

    The Select Bio stopper is made of plant-based renewable biopolymers. 

  • Bag to Green
    C'est d'ici et ça m'emballe!

    Robust, reusable bag, resistant to humidity, mould and bacteria. It can be machine-washed and dried very often, over a period of several years. The bags are made locally using linen fibre, a resistant and renewable material.  

  • Henkel Belgium
    Recycled PET in all PET bottles

    Having used virgin PET for years, Henkel has introduced recycled PET in its bottles of hand detergent, fabric softener, etc. In 2014, this accounted for 25% and since August 2015 the figure is 100%.

  • Henkel Belgium
    Multipacks for toilet cleaning products (Bref Power Activ and Bref Duo Activ)

    Optimisation by modifying the shape of the PET preformed shells so as to introduce two or even three 'blocks' by modifying the weight of the blister slightly if at all. This makes it possible to sell two or three product units. The weight is considerably less than with sales of mono-block products. 

  • Henkel Belgium
    Persil & Dixan with correct dose

    The dosing system measures out the correct volume of super-concentrated detergent. It was introduced on the market for Persil and Dixan detergents. The dose measured out is 33 ml.

  • Jindal Films
    DL247 - doing more with less

    This new 33DL247 film offers the advantages of ultra-thin thickness without any loss of mechanical properties, yet with reduced density.