Examples of prevention
  • VPK Packaging & Colruyt

    Reusable and foldable boxes using their own waste cardboard, replace the conventional reusable bags.

  • Dumoulin Bricks
    Terra cotta block/brick

    The terra cotta bricks are packed on returnable pallets rather than disposable pallets, protected by stretch covers rather than shrink covers, with optional use of an intermediary pallet (two half pallets) to adjust the supply to the demand and avoid wastage and the risk of breakage. 

  • Laboratoires Expansciences
    Mustela - Massage oil

    A new, lighter packaging concept enables packaging in the plant, whereas previously the products were taken to a subcontractor for crimping.

  • Spadel
    Spa Water staggered row pack 24x50cl/33cl

    By placing the bottles in staggered rows, Spadel has removed the need for the cardboard tray (73g) and increased the number of packs per pallet.

  • Jindal Films
    Vertical packaging for film rolls

    By placing the roll vertically, which is far more stable, Jindal has removed the need for a pallet and greatly reduced the weight of the protective packaging.

  • Unilever
    Compressed deodorant

    By compressing the aerosol, Unilever has reduced the weight from 16% to 33%. The new packaging uses 20% less aluminium and lowers carbon footprint by 20% per bottle. Thanks to the new spray system, the compressed deodorant lasts as long as the old bottles. This major technological innovation is not covered by a patent and Unilever has therefore opened it up to the entire sector. Thanks to this transparency, the whole sector could benefit from even greater environmental gains.

  • Unilever
    DOVE bottle

    The foam technology has been developed in close collaboration between Unilever, Mucell Extrusion and Alpla. This is the first time this technology has been applied to HDPE bottles. It enables the creation of a foam layer (containing air) sandwiched between two layers of 'solid' HDPE. It remains a mono-material HDPE bottle. The weight has been reduced by over 14% from 21g to 18g. Over a full year and for Europe only, this represents a saving of around 275 tonnes of HDPE. 

  • Carrefour
    Coffee capsules

    The coffee capsules were packed in cardboard boxes of 10, each individually wrapped in a plastic film. They are now in a plastic bag that contains 16 capsules, the weight of which is lower than all the individual packages, and the cardboard box has been eliminated. 

  • Elep
    Light box for envelopes

    Elep has developed a 'light box' to pack 40% more envelopes on a pallet. The packaging cardboard always comes from FSC certified corrugated cardboard.

  • Henkel Belgium
    Fa deordorant

    The packaging for FA 150ml deodorants is now made of 25% recycled aluminium and 75% primary aluminium.