Examples of prevention
    Plastic bottles

    For a short while now, Incoplas plastic bottles and jerry cans have been made from 50% recycled material compared with 100% virgin material previously.


  • L’Oréal

    A new plastic bottle made of 100% recycled PET. The ratio between packaging weight and product volume has been optimised. The bottle is recyclable in the standard PMC bag.


  • L’Oréal
    Casting Hair Dye

    The 9.4 g aluminium tube has been replaced by a 4.1 g PE/aluminium/laminated PE tube with equivalent 02 barrier properties.


  • Bag to Green
    Packaging for fresh food

    An ecological and sustainable linen bag for the bulk sale of fresh and dry food. The packaging protects the product more effectively from the outside atmosphere and moisture. The bag is made of local renewable materials and can be recycled into insulation material.


  • Greenspeed NV
    Emballage Greenspeed: Multi Daily

    The 5-litre HDPE bottle has been replaced by a 1-litre bottle with twice the concentration of product. The new bottle consists of 25% recycled PE and 75% renewable material. To avoid waste, the bottle is equipped with a dosing cap. The reusable bottle is then refilled with a 3-litre bag-in-box.


  • Delhaize
    Organic vegetables: Natural Branding

    A large part of the organic fruit and vegetable range will soon no longer require separate packaging. The organic label will be applied to the product by natural branding, a laser technique.


  • Delhaize
    Lovely Salads & Lovely Meals

    This new packaging is as recyclable as possible. The plastic tray has been replaced by cardboard. The lid and film can easily be removed by the consumer.


  • L’Oréal
    Powermix: Série Expert from L’Oréal Professionnel

    The old Powerdose consisted of 30 separate doses in 10 ml glass bottles. The new Powermix consists of 150 ml multi-dose bottles with a practical and recyclable dosing system. 90% lighter packaging and up to 40% less space required for finished products.


  • Grandeco Wallfashion Group
    Suspended roller

    Inserts are present and prevent the product from being pressed against the overwrapping, which can damage the product. It is now possible to stack 7 layers of products on pallets (compared with 4 previously), saving up to 75% space during transport and in the warehouse. The plastic inserts have also been replaced by cardboard so that they can be recycled.


  • Delhaize

    Delhaize has developed a resealable film to replace the sealed tray with lid. After opening, the film can be sealed back onto the tray at least 10 times. In this way, the product quality remains clearly superior after the first opening. The resealable film also means a plastic saving of 75% compared with the previous lid.